Board of Directors

2014 Board of Directors

  • President: Robin Mallory
  • Vice President: Todd Pyper
  • Treasurer & Secretary: Barb Brown
  • Ladies President: Karen Vamplew
  • Greens & Maintenance: Tom Nicholls
  • Pro Shop & Junior Golf: Bill Lipsett
  • Member Services: Brian Orr
  • Games Captain & Handicap: Jim Price
  • Director: Bob Brien

2014 Management

  • Auditors: Larry Iggulden (Partridge & Iggulden Chartered Accountants)
  • Director of Operations: Jim Giddens
  • Office: Kristie Ivison
  • Maintenance: Steven Muys

2014 Committees

We welcome any member who wishes to volunteer to serve on any committee. Please contact the office or the chairperson of that committee to discuss your involvement further.

  • Health & Safety: Todd Pyper (chair), Barb Brown , Bill Lipsett , Tom Nicholls, Gary Hunter
  • Finance: Barb Brown (chair), Gary Hunter, Paul Stringer, Kristie Ivison
  • Greens & Maintenance: Tom Nicholls (chair), Bob Brien, Jim Price, Steve Muys
  • Pro Shop & Junior Golf: Bill Lipsett (chair), Tom Nicholls, Karen Vamplew, Bob Brien, Jim Price, Ron Kenesky
  • Member Services: Brian Orr (chair), Todd Pyper
  • Games Captain & Handicap: Jim Price (chair), Todd Pyper, Karen Vamplew, Bill Lipsett, Tom Nicholls